"les fleurs du mal" @ Livid Elements TV

21.07.2012 07:42

Auf Anfrage von Livid Elements wurde der Track "les fleurs du mal" für ihr Video über die Modularen Controller verwendet:


Veröffentlicht am 13.06.2012 von

Introducing Livid Elements, the completely modular MIDI controller platform. Now you can finally create your own controller layout without any soldering, electronics, or complicated assembly required. Element modules come in many different configurations and layouts so you can rearrange, replace, and mix modules, creating your own MIDI controller with ease.

Each module connects to the Elements Brain for easy plug-and-play configuration and setup. Elements modules are housed in one of our custom Eurorack cases for total plug and play integration. The standardized, modular format allows for an incredible amount of flexibility and expansion. More info at lividinstruments.com