modular greetings from US

11.05.2013 08:37

3 neue Module von bluelantern sind aus den USA eingetroffen 


2 Filter mit FM und ein Mixer


The Blue Lantern Diode Voltage Contolled Filter uses a 10 Stage Diode Ladder to do it's magic. The filter has low-pass, hi-pass, and band-pass inputs with a single filter output, unlike most VCFs which have a single input with outputs for the various filter states. This allows for some interesting mixing of the inputs via the cutoff frequency. It can sound very robotic.

Two trimmers on the back allow you to tune the filter to your taste or for specific applications. There is a Multiturn Trimmer on the PCB that can be adjusted to determine how much "Screech" or feedback you want on the Rez knob. The other Trimmer determines the Cutoff Offset (how low you want the Low-pass cutoff).

FM Bi-polar Input w/ positive and negative wweeping knob (Attenu-inverter)
Direct CV input.
Low-pass Input
Hi-pass Input
Band-pass Input
Filter Output

Cutoff Frequency Knob
Resonance Knob
FM Bi-polar Knob



The Space Moth Low-pass Voltage Controlled Filter is an OTA based analog filter with some fluttery sounds and a massive low end. There is a diode daisy chain that is responsible for the flutters when the rez knob is turned up.

The Space Moth comes stock from Blue Lantern tuned to barely start saturating, but three trimmers on the back allow you to easily adjust the filter to your taste. This allows you to tame the filter down or crank it to get that big raw sound.

Cutoff Frequency knob
Rez (Resonance) level knob
Audio Input with volume level knob
FM Bi-Polar Input with level knob
CV Direct Input (no level knob)
Audio Output

PCB Trimmer Control
100k cutoff adjustment (adjust the low range)
1k sine wave 1V/Oct scaler/adj
500k final output stage loudness adjuster.



The Mix is a 6 channel mixer with the a very clean signal path. There are no capacitors on the signal path. So you can use this with CV or audio signals.

This module makes use of of SMT panel all in one technology (SPAT). The entire circuit sits on the panel. This might be the world's skinniest euro module. Such technology means The Mix comes at a great price.

6 channel inputs
Direct input for using to chain other mixer modules for sum mixing
Level knob for each channel
Final level out knob to control the sum loudness
Red power on led
Resettable fuses to save your module from wrong connections


somit musste ich wieder alles umbauen und neu anordnen

hey, da unten ist ja noch Platz - verdammte modularsucht XD